Tips To Resolve error: 0x200110020000100a

By: Garry Thomson

Windows Vista is embedded with a powerful tool Startup Repair that allows its users to overcome almost all startup issues. The.
option is located in the 'System Recovery Options' menu, that appears when you insert the Windows Vista installation disc. While the tool ensures complete repair of damaged or corrupted system files, there are many cases in which this tool might disappoint the user.

For such instances, the user is not left with any option, but to perform a clean reinstall of Windows Vista operating system. And to recover data post re-installation, the user needs to opt for an effective hard drive recovery solution.

Here is one such 'startup repair' failure scenario. You have a Windows Vista system whose file system gets corrupted due to a fatal virus attack. The system becomes unbootable after displaying the below error message:

no bootable devices, please insert boot cd and press any key

The error message does not allow you to access the data saved in hard drive. In addition, the error message pops-up every time you try to boot your system.


The boot sector or file system of your hard drive has been damaged. Corruption can occur due to improper system shutdown, virus infection, application malfunction, and operating system damage.


To resolve the above error message and to access the data, follow the below steps:

Run CHKDSK command on the affected volume.

Select 'Startup Repair' option in 'System Restore' advanced options. This option repairs the file systems and boot sector, and brings the system in bootable state. However, the above option might also fail displaying the below error message:

Error: 0X200110020000100A

In cases where both the above solutions fail to resolve your issue, the only alternative left is to reinstall the Windows Vista operating system. The option proves successful in resolving all startup issues and in bringing your boot state back.
However, the option also has a disadvantage of deleting all the previously saved files from your hard drive. To recover all the deleted files, an easy option is to use an effective third-party hard drive recovery software. A Hard Drive Recovery tool is a powerful application that scans the hard drive using high-end scanning methods and recovers all lost files.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery recovers all lost hard drive data post formatting or any other logical corruption scenario. Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems, the Hard Drive Recovery Software supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

About the Author:

The Author is a B-tech and doing research on data recovery software to recover hard drive data and also analyses how to perform windows hard drive recovery

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How to Dress Elegantly

The author's website features a "True Hepburn Contest," where those making a positive impact on the world with style, class and grace can enter, closing date March 15, 2010.

Elegantly Dressed WomanGrace Kelly had it, Audrey Hepburn had it, and Princess Di had it that ability Pjs to look classy, no matter what they wore. Whilst some women manage to look effortlessly elegant, others need a little helping hand when it comes to being chic.

Women who are feeling frumpy and fed-up with their appearance can give their wardrobe a style makeover by following a few fashion tips on how to achieve some old-fashioned Hepburn glamor.

Fashion Tips for Dressing More ElegantlyTailored trousers win in the elegance stakes over jeans. Ditch the denim. High-waisted, wide-legged pants add an air of Hepburn-style Hollywood glamour.Keep an outfit coordinated. Prima recommends wearing no more than 3 different colors at once. Go tonal, match hues in the same color family (e.g. grays, blues and purples) for a sleek, classy look.A chic winter coat is one of the best investments as it is pyjamas pjs often the first piece of clothing others see. Avoid baggy shapeless styles and go for a trenchcoat or a classic cut in a neutral color like camel. (Fake) fur-trimmed collars will give a sophisticated vintage spin. A narrow belt added to a fitted jacket oozes style.Go vintage or vintage-inspired, especially when it comes to suits and party dresses. An elegant shift dress represents understated glamor. Fabrics such as cashmere, lace, velvet and brocade have an enduring quality and exude class. Nautical looks and animal prints are timeless.Less is more. When shopping for clothes choose quality over quantity. Go for good quality fabrics and tailored cuts. Heavier fabrics will hang better and well-cut clothes will flatter the figure far more than baggy. When it comes to buying quality concentrate on building a wardrobe of endurance clothing which will justify spending more money on. Think cost per wear. Investment buy. Go for classy endurance pieces . A white shirt, fitted tee, chiffon blouse, cashmere sweater, pencil skirt, tailored pants and a well-cut blazer will see you through season to season. These can be brought up-to-date with cheap accessories in the color, prints and styles of the current season to make an outfit on-trend.How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World: The Girls Pajamas Art of Living with Style Art and Grace by Jordan Christie (Center Street, Hatchette Book Group) is a gem of a book for Coats And Jackets those want to channel their inner Hepburn. Recently released in 2009, the author Christie highlights the fact that women with style and grace are hard to come by in our modern Girls Pajamas day world of our copy-cat celebrity culture, thongs, mini dresses and drunken parties pictured on social networking sites. She profers up helpful guidelines in achieving some Sleeping Shorts golden-age Hollywood glamor and encourages young women to adopt some old-fashioned morals in work, love and play, using Audrey and Katherine Hepburn as role models. The first chapter is wittily entitled "Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down."

Dressing elegantly is not about spending a fortune on clothes, but buying the right pieces, wearing classy color combinations, and having the grace to carry them off. What makes a woman have her own Audrey Hepburn moment is a heady mix of clothing, grace and poise.

Swap Sweat Pants for Elegant Dresses

Obtaining a more sophisticated look may involve swapping some favorite comfort pieces for better quality fabrics, well-cut outfits and complimentary colors. It may mean swapping those baggy sweat pants for an elegant dress. In "How to Look Elegant," Prima magazine (February 2010) recommends ditching the jeans in favor of tailored trousers, and suggests going for patent accessories for a perfectly polished look.

4 Elements of Modern Web Design

web developing books

There is a way of making websites that seems nothing more than a hangover coming from the graphic design industry. It is similar to a scenario where the client is in need of a website so the client goes to a web design agency. After the initial talk, the agency gets back to the client with some static designs for the client to consider. In essence, these designs are representations of what your website will look like hopefully.

web designer marketing

Of course, the client can take the design as is or have the agency tweak it until it is to his liking. This process can take hours or weeks; it all depends on the agency's skill and the client's vision. Once the agency comes up with a design that the client likes, they will go and "work" on the website. This might make sense at first but if you think about it, it doesn't really seem at all viable since what the website looks like doesn't really matter if it doesn't work.

web designers websites

Back in the early days of web design, the example above wasn't the only common practice that made the old way so sloppy. Back then, the only way to make websites was to make them by hand and this involved making designs using a graphics package then slicing and dicing them so they can be turned into HTML. This was done with tables and then later with the use of CSS. This manner of making websites can still be used today but it is a very slow and painstaking process that requires a lot of skill, and as a result it is extremely inefficient.

tools to create a website

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